We offer exterior reconditioning and detailing: 

The high demand yet short supply of new and used vehicles has caused many of us to reconsider the vehicles we already own. A new vehicle sounds great yet the cost is higher than ever and the supply is short. Purchase of a new vehicle could mean overpaying or settling for something less than we actually want. 

Perhaps it is better to hold on to the vehicle you have and invest in our reconditioning service. This will bring your vehicle back to a condition which is as close to new as possible. If purchasing a new vehicle is not feasible right now, at least the vehicle you have will be in excellent condition. When the supply issues are finally over, your vehicle will be worth more in trade or resale if it has been well maintained. 

Thinking of selling your vehicle? Used vehicles prices are reaching up to 40% higher than normal. Our reconditioning service will add value to your vehicle and increase the sale price. 

Among our reconditioning services are scratch repair, buffing, polishing, paint correction, headlamp restoration, molding and trim repair or replacement, light engine bay cleaning. Best of all, these services can be purchased as a package or as needed. Contact our office to arrange a review and free estimate.