After a collision, you might have to make a decision on-the-spot about where to take your vehicles for repairs. Don’t make a panicked decision when it comes to your safety. Do your research ahead of time, ask the right questions and find your shop of choice. Be an educated consumer.

When you take your damaged vehicle to a collision repair shop, you should ask several questions — and be satisfied with the answers — before having your car repaired:

– Are you a Gold Class™ business?

– Do you have experience working with my make and model of vehicle?

– Does your facility use three-dimensional measuring to ensure my vehicle is returned to proper specifications?

– What kind of warranty comes with the work?

You may also be tempted to ask how long the repair will take, but the answer you get from some repair shops can be inaccurate. Gold Class shops are trained to find hidden damage that others may not see. So they may be more likely to give you a more accurate estimate of the repair duration, instead of providing an overly optimistic time frame up front only to delay you more later with unanticipated repairs and parts orders.

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